Olli & Lissa 3

by Roger Danison, Alastair Graham
Cartoon Time
Crash Issue 73, Feb 1990   page(s) 46

Cartoon Time
£2.99 cass

Just think how mad you would be! You've just bought yourself a spanking new car and parked it in your garage where it should be safe. When you go back to check on it, some evil little monster has gone and disassembled it, the rotter! Armed with only a candle you, as Olli, must now search the vast castle and recover all the pieces so you can take Lissa out on a picnic.

CodeMasters keep producing these brilliant games don't they? This is number two in their new Cartoon Time series and it's amazing. Large animated characters fill every screen, and colour is absolutely everywhere. There are lots of cute little animated sequences too, like when Olli picks up the phone and has a chat with someone. All the things he says and thinks appear above him in a bubble.

The control method in Olli and Lissa 3 is a bit weird, but you soon get used to it. For example, you can't walk up the stairs, you have to jump from step to step. There are a variety of monsters and spooks living in the castle, some of which harm Olli while others have no effect at all. Careful manoeuvering is needed to get anywhere. All the secret treasures, passageways and traps also keep you on your toes. Olli and Lissa 3 was an instant hit whh me and I'm sure you'll love it too. A brilliant cartoon adventure.

Overall: 90%

Award: Crash Smash

Transcript by Chris Bourne

Your Sinclair Issue 52, Apr 1990   page(s) 42


A bit short of the readies? Low on the folding stuff? Totally borassic? Then pop down the Bargain Basement with Marcus Berkmann, and see what goes "Cheep!" (Eh? Ed).

Cartoon Time
Reviewer: Marcus Berkmann

Back to the Cartoon Timers, and another spank game for the more youthful player. O&L 3 is, amazingly enough, the sequel to O&L 1 and O&L 2, both of which were released so long ago I'm amazed anyone can remember them. I'm not even sure I can, although I do remember the original Olli and Lissa sitting pretty on the top of the charts for the best part of six months after YS had said it was a giant pile of vom. Shows how much notice people take of us, eh? O&L 3 though, isn't bad at all, an odd little platformer that takes the still-badly-misspelt Olli through the usual network of screens, trying to find all the parts of his disassembled car. Poor old Ol. It's a gigantic excuse, of course, for loads of very colourful graphics, a house so large even the Ed would feel at home in it, and a jolly little romp that, unlike Wizard Willy for instance, may well test the patience of older players. Control is, well, different, and so not especially user-friendly, and even the best-tempered players will bridle when, after the inevitable failure, your only reward is a rather snotty letter from Lissa. There's one relationship that's clearly on the rocks... Not bad, then, but nice to look at than to play.

Overall: 63%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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