Druid II: Enlightenment

by Dene T. Carter, Brian Pollock, Kevin Wallace
Firebird Software Ltd
Crash Issue 49, February 1988   (1988-01-28)   page(s) 90,91

Producer: Firebird
Retail Price: £7.95
Author: Design By Dene Carter, Spectrum program by Brian Pollock

Expelled from the land of Belorn 103 years ago, Acamantor the dark mage has returned. And in this sequel to Firebird's highly-regarded chart-topping Druid (90% Overall in Issue 35), the druid Hasrinaxx once again takes up the fight against the demon prince, travelling to Acamantor's tower to vanquish the nefarious necromancer forever.

Hasrinaxx begins his quest near the village of Ishmar, and must traverse nine multidirectionally-scrolling lands as well as five levels of Acamantor's tower, threatened all the way by fire, water and his dark enemy's hordes.

The druid's protection comes from power bolts and the 25 different spells which he can pick up and use against the swarming enemies, though their own magic powers can make his life difficult. Some spells are ineffective on particular demons, so it's a case of working out which spell to shoot at whom.

If things get tough, Hasrinaxx can create an 'elemental' to help influence the battle. This large and lumbering creature is controlled either by another player or with a key which can set it on WAIT, FOLLOW or SEND (to send it ahead of Hasrinaxx). The elemental protects Hasrinaxx by stomping on attackers till its magic powers we exhausted.

Most of the screen in Enlightenment - Druid II is taken up by the scrolling display of Hasrinaxx's quest. A panel below shows incoming messages as well as the Druids inventory and details of the elemental in use.

When all the Druid's energy has disappeared and the game has ended, his efforts are rated according to how much of the quest was solved. Orc Breath is the lowest of the 14 ratings, and the title of Overlord is awarded when the wicked Acamantor is finally destroyed.


Joysticks: Cursor, Kempston, Sinclair
Graphics: small and monochromatic but neat
Sound: minimal effects and no music
Options: one or two players

The reduced graphics of Enlightenment - Druid II crowd the small playing area, and single-colour screens add to the confusion. There also seems to be some confusion in the inlay about druids - the ancient priests weren't Christians, so why does this one have a crucifix?
BYM [58%]

This feels very similar to its predecessor, though it's nice not getting stuck in the playing area. Roaming around new territory and finding and casting spells is still great fun, and there are some good new features, but though Enlightenment - Druid II is well above average it doesn't match the original.
BEN [80%]

Druid was good fun because of its originality (on the Spectrum, at least), but sadly Enlightenment - Druid II doesn't expand on the theme. The basic graphics are still recognisable, but smaller and less adventurous, and boredom soon rears its head because there's so much walking around with very little to do.
PAUL [65%]

Presentation: 66%
Graphics: 59%
Playability: 71%
Addictive Qualities: 62%
Overall: 68%

Summary: General Rating: Not up to the high Druid standard.

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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