Freddy Hardest en Manhattan Sur

by Carlos Galucci, Juan Arias, Juan Gaspar, Roberto Eimer, Enrique Ventura
Dinamic Software
Crash Issue 82, Nov 1990   page(s) 46


Downtown Manhattan has never been worse. Thugs lurk in every doorway ready to attack, gangs stalk the streets armed with iron bars, flick knives, baseball bats and even chain saws! Evil maniac Ricky 'Death Star' Chang makes surprise visits in his kamikaze forklift truck! You're the Guardian Angel, your job is to wipe out the scum!.

Like most beat-'em-ups, this has impressive graphics. The scrolling levels all have detailed junk strewn about them and the backdrop is a view of the Manhattan skyline. The sprites are all animated well and the thugs vary enough to keep the best of gamers on their toes - in fact it may be a bit difficult for the average player. An energy bar shows your health, this goes down with every punch you take but can be increased by resting.

Guardian Angel is a tough beat-'em-up that will present a challenge to the best of players! Softies need not apply.

Overall: 73%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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