Joe Blade III

by Andrew Severn, Colin Swinbourne, Michael A. Sanderson, Peter Austin, Simon Daniels, Sonic Graffiti, Tom Prosser
Players Premier
Crash Issue 73, Feb 1990   page(s) 47

Players Premier

Joe Blade is back and he's as addictive as ever. Anyone who has played Joe Blade I and II will already know the kind of format the games take, and will probably be rushing out to by this one as I write.

This time Joe has gone and lumbered himself with a load of hostages to rescue from a building. If you've ever seen the film Die Hard starring Bruce Willis you will know the sort of story line (I wonder where Players got the idea from?). There are various objects that can be picked up around the building to help our guard gunning friend, these include grenades, detonators, bombs and disks. The lift system running up and down the building is a very useful way of moving up a floor, in fact it's the only way! Collecting lift passes will let you go further up the building each time.

A main feature of the other Joe Blade games were the little puzzles you encountered every so often, and number three has thankfully kept these in. They allow Joe access to security rooms. All these neat touches are what makes Joe Blade so successful, coupled with an excellent quality of graphics and sound. Hours of enjoyment: an instant hit with me, take a look at it for yourself.

Overall: 88%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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