Super Tank

by Adrian Ludley, Jason Falcus, Lyndon Sharp, Gavin Macleod
Code Masters Ltd
Crash Issue 69, Oct 1989   page(s) 50


CodeMasters have gone tank mad. Their next two releases involve driving, blowing up and dodging tanks in many shapes and sizes. This is the first one, Super Tank Simulator. You play a tank (what a surprise) and rumble about landscapes shooting turrets, other tanks while avoiding mines that only show themselves when you get near. This may not sound a barrel of laughs, but there is another part to the game to cheer you up, a type of shooting range section where the player must shoot at the enemy bases and even more tanks in Combat School style.

The landscape section is reminiscent of Marauder from Hewson in the way the tank moves about and fires, but that aside the game is really playable. While games of this kind have been around for years, Super Tank Simulator adds the so successful CodeMasters style of music, effects and polish. The shooting range type section is something not included in other companies' versions on the theme and adds lots of playability.

Super Tank Simulator, in the same mould as games like Stunt Man Simulator and BMX Simulator with its aerial view of the action, is almost guaranteed to be a sure fire hit.

Overall: 68%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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