by Andrew Richards, Brian Hartley, Lyndon Sharp, Stephen Walters, Shan Savage
Code Masters Ltd
Crash Issue 84, Jan 1991   page(s) 68

Code Masters

Let CodeMasters drive you round the bend in this ridiculously simple but really addictive game. The idea is to guide a ball through a maze made of blocks and sliding gates by tilting the whole maze at an angle. Touching any of the walls or hitting a gate will result in being sent back to the beginning, minus some of your precious energy.

I bet you think that sounds really easy, but believe me it isn't. Perfect timing is needed to open and close the gates just as the ball passes by. Luckily if you get sent back to the beginning the gates you've already passed stay open. Four mazes need to be conquered, after the four have been completed you go back to the first one but this time the ball is a little bigger and there are energy fields to be dodged!

Graphically Tilt is laughable. But graphics aren't what counts in a game of this type. It's the realistic way the mazes tilt and the infuriating addictiveness that make it worth while. One moan I have is about the number of mazes available, they could have fitted more than four into 48K, and with 128K available there's no excuse, even if they get added features as you progress. Tilt is a unique game that will have you pulling your hair out, but loving it at the same time.

Overall: 68%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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