by Michael Owens, Spike
Zeppelin Games Ltd
Your Sinclair Issue 36, Dec 1988   page(s) 55


Ben 'n' Skippy take a seat in the stalls to play their way through this month's cut-price offerings! With a bit of help from the usherette of course!

Reviewer: Ben Stone, Mike Dunn

This is the first Zeppelin game we've ever seen and at first glance it's pretty good! It's got loads of well-animated graphics whizzing glitchlessly about on interesting backgrounds and there are even a few sound FX to help the action along.

The gameplay is on a par with the presentation too. Each new screen is a little more challenging than the last which makes it real compulsive playing.

Draconus would have been great except for one hiccup in the gameplay's implementation - there are two characters, one of which can only be brought into play once you've a particular object in your pocket and the main character is standing on a special slab. It doesn't work! Shame really as it could have been quite good if you could complete it!

Overall: 3/10

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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