Nodes of Yesod

by Steve Wetherill, Colin Grunes, Stuart James Fotheringham, Paul Salmon, Fred Gray
Odin Computer Graphics Ltd
Your Spectrum Issue 17, August 1985   page(s) 41

Dave: Well, It must be said... this game features the best music on the Spectrum this side of Top Of The Pops (That's not saying much! Ed.) And not only that, but the animation is up to the standard set by Ultimate, and the speech... well, words fail!

OK, you've probably gathered by now that I like this one, so let's get down to the nitty-gritty of the actual game. First off, you're briefed by Commander Smith in an appalling German accent and then it's into the action. Your task is to make your way across the lunar surface, jumping on to a moon-mole as soon as it pops its head out of one of the craters. You then move underground in search of the eight Alchiems that go to make up the great master key.

On your journey under the lunar surface watch out for all sorts of baddies, such as the Liver Birds, a big red fish, an alien pirate and a bouncing Teddy Bear. Of course, if you choose you can transform yourself into a mole and deal with your enemies in a most animalistic fashion. You can jump all over the place, but mind you don't fall too far or else you'll find your space-suit develops leaks in the most unpleasant of places and you'll lose a life.

The action is fast and furious throughout Nodes of Yesod, which is amazing when you consider the quality of the sprites and the flicker-free animation. The game really does pale into insignificance when you see it being played... the way the spaceman bounces off the lunar surfaces is a joy to behold. Some programming person has gone to the most meticulous detail to make sure that everything is just right. This one gets a resounding yesod from me! 5/5 HIT

Ross: Nodes of Yesod may seem like a silly name, but then the game's got some nice humorous touches that make it very friendly. You only have to read the instructions - they're in rhyme - to know that someone's got a healthy sense of humour. 4/5 HIT

Roger: Overall. I'd have to say that it looks like an Underwurlde clone... but then again, I loved Underwurlde. And I love this game too! 5/5 HIT

Dave: 5/5
Ross: 4/5
Roger: 5/5

Award: Your Spectrum Dave//s Rave of the Month

Transcript by Chris Bourne

Your Computer Issue August 1985   page(s) 29

Spectrum 48K
Odin Computer Graphics
Arcade Adventure

This evocatively named game features a home computer breakthrough - the first-ever Spectrum speech with Liverpudlian accent. But don't worry, it's only the introduction.

It bears certain similarities to Ultimate's Underwurlde, not least in the quality of production. You play a spaceman who must descend into the depths of the moon, collect eight alchiems - coloured shapes - and then get to the Monolith. All this to save the universe from some horrendous evil.

One of the game's nicest touches is that you're not alone in your quest. Before you disappear down a lunar pothole you need to catch a mole from its hole. When needed, the little crittur can be activated to chew through walls to new caverns, or to destroy the many creepy crawlies in the moon's depths.

The subterranean playing area has many platforms which you hop around on. Progress is made in a series of athletic somersaults which will often land you at the very bottom of a cave - minus a life.

Overall: 4/5

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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