by Mark Jacobs, Stephen N. Curtis
Mastertronic Ltd
Your Spectrum Issue 18, Sep 1985   page(s) 45

Ross: Nonte...what...eous? Don't be put off by the weird name though, because this game's really excellent value for money.

You are in control of the seeker, a spherical robot on its mission to destroy a computer hidden in the depths of a planet. There's no denying that the game's a cross between Underwurlde and Jet Pack with a thousand plus screens. These link up to form a labyrinth filled with blastable nasties - so blast 'em.

The seeker has a finite amount of Psyche (that's a fancy way of saying energy) that decreases if you bump into some of the objects in the passageways. Other objects will bump you off outright while others will replenish your energy.

It's also open to you to pick up and detonate bombs to open passageways or you can travel about in non-firing defenceless mode - the only way you can pass through some sections.

The game's tricky if a little repetitive but for under two quid it has to be a hit. 4/5 HIT

Roger: Somehow, I think I've been here before - it's Sabrewulf with a sillier name. 3/5 MISS

Rick: Under a year ago, this would have stunned the socks off everyone but now it's 'done it, seen it.' Well, don't spread it around but I like it. 4/5 HIT

Ross: 4/5
Roger: 3/5
Rick: 4/5

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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