Raid over Moscow

by David J. Anderson, F. David Thorpe, Ian Morrison, Douglas Vandegrift
U.S. Gold Ltd
Your Spectrum Issue 14, May 1985   page(s) 46

Dave: A pre-emptive strike has been launched by the Ruskies and your duty is to lead your airborne commandos to destroy the Soviet defence centre.

First off, you'll get a view of Russia and the US as seen from space showing lauch sites and targets in the two countries. The time to impact of the launched missile ticks away, so you've no time to lose. The number of fighters you can manoeuvre out of the hanger determines how many you have in the ground attack sequence. Here you fly from left to right negotiating pill boxes, trees, towers and avoiding tanks, helicopters and deadly heat seeking missiles whilst wreaking as much destruction and havoc as poss.

When you reach the launch silos your target computer helps you to line up and destroy them. Once that's done you're free (well, this is a democracy!) to attack Moscow itself. Then it's on again to annihilate the robots protecting the nuclear reactor. If you can kill enough of them you'll live to fight another day in the battle between Marx and MacDonalds. If not, then it's Mutually Assured Destruction time. 4/5 HIT

Roger: Get your finger on the button with sicko software that extracts technically excellent entertainment from nuclear nightmares! 5/5 HIT

Ross: Praise for its originality and cleverness has to be tempered with moral abuse but it is, nevertheless, a direct hit with no survivors... 5/5 HIT

Dave: 4/5
Ross: 5/5
Roger: 5/5

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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