Turbo Girl

by Gamesoft [3]: Francisco Javier Bravo Palacios, Jose Antonio Clavijo Blazquez, Cesar Diez, Fernando Clavijo Blazquez, Javier Cubedo
Dinamic Software
Your Sinclair Issue 50, February 1990   page(s) 47

It's not a good month for Dinamic (or Alternative, for that matter). Here's another from their Madrid game-labs, and, like Meganova above, it's a clinker. It appears to have started out as 'Turbo Girl', as the loading screen shows a scantily-clad cartoon female with her gazongas pouring all over the shop (slaver drool burp) next to the legend 'Turbo Girl'. It's not hard to see why Alternative changed the name - it doesn't have an awful lot to do with bikes, really, does it? - but they certainly couldn't be bothered to change the loading screen, which makes you wonder whether they ever got round to loading up the game at all. You certainly won't after you've played it once - it's a Uridium-style shoot- em-up combined with Bouncer to produce, perhaps surprisingly, a rather dull game. Slow, impenetrably hard and unrewarding, it's second hand in feel and fourth division in quality. Zzzzzz...

Overall: 41%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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