Werewolves of London

by Viz Design: Steve Howard, Paul Smith
Mastertronic Ltd
Your Sinclair Issue 40, April 1989   page(s) 67

Did this ever come out on full price? Tell me if I'm wrong (would you do otherwise?) but I think not. Werewolves, as you may remember, gave us one of our best ever covers about 18 months ago, when I went over to Ariolasoft (then launching yet another of their new labels, Vix Design) to have a look at the game in its early stages. It looked savagley fab then, but something seems to have gone wrong inbetween times (as well as Ariolasoft going down the tubes).

Essentially it doesn't work at all - what was envisaged as an atmospheric arcade adventure unofficially based on An American Werewolf In London is just an aimless chase-about with drab graphics and terminally tedious gameplay. As always you pick things up, travel from place to place, use them and so forth, but there's no real logic to it all, or, after a while, any real point in going on. A curious failure in many ways, as the ideas behind it were so good. So much for our ability to spot a winner, eh, guys? (Shut up. Ed)

Overall: 3/10

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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