Zombie Zombie

by Angela Sutherland, Sandy White, David John Rowe
Quicksilva Ltd
Your Spectrum Issue 11, Feb 1985   page(s) 54

Dave: Oh no! Antescher has been invaded by zombies - nasty green ones that turn red with rage and attack whenever you get too close.

To help you rid the city of this influx of Duran Duran fans, you're equipped with a helicopter which you can use to fly around in safety. But you have to leave it when you're destroying the zombies - a feat accomplished by running into them from behind! Once hit they turn all slavelike and can be led up onto any convenient wall where they will happily jump to their death to the tune of Ten Green Bottles. If you're not too confident of controlling the zombies this way, you can always fire your 'puffer' at them whichMl make them run away to a safe distance.

Any architects out there will also be glad to hear that your helicopter is capable of carrying a large number of bricks around, so the city can be re-defined to suit yourself; you can also have some fun with your own brand of 'Soft Solid graffiti'!

Basically this is Ant Attack all over again and as such it will appeal to Ant Attackers everywhere - but if you found Ant Attacks tedious experience then don't bother with Zombie Zombie. For those of you who've seen neither Zombie Zombie is probably the best of the two. 2.5/5 HIT

Ross: This is just too similar to Ant Attack to offer anything very exciting. The tunes are OK and the ability to write obscenities on the bricks should keep you amused. 1/5 MISS

Roger: Tidying up the undead can be amusing, even though I'm told it's a pastime short on originality. Probably a hit. 3/5 HIT

Dave: 2.5/5
Ross: 1/5
Roger: 3/5

Transcript by Chris Bourne

Your Computer Issue 1, Jan 1985   page(s) 63

Spectrum 48K

A new game from the author of Ant Attack, which uses the same superb 3D effects. Once again you find yourself roaming around a ruined city, now fighting off zombies rather than ants. This time you can also fly over the city in a helicopter, pick up and transport bricks.

Overall: 3/5

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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