Pro Golf Simulator

by Adrian Ludley, Chris Graham, Grant Worsfold, Lyndon Sharp, Rod Walker
Code Masters Ltd
Your Sinclair Issue 55, Jul 1990   page(s) 77


Fixing a leaky tap in the basement, RICH PELLEY stumbled across a few spooky cheapies clogging up the U-bend. So here they are (damp and slightly mouldy)...

Code Masters
Reviewer: Rich Pelley

Can't say I'm a great golf fanatic. So what if Sean Connery goes ga-ga over it? Nobody's perfect. And watching it on telly is even more booooring. I mean, come on - how can anyone possibly get excited watching a bunch of seriously boring old farts (and boring old farts with the kind of sad plaid dress sense that'd make even Michael Fish's hair stand on end - if he had any) hit a small white ball into a hole with a large stick? It's beyond me. But golf simulators? (with the exception of a few, Leaderboard for instance). So "Hooray!" I thought when they rammed this game down my throat and said "'Ere, sunshine, do us a review of this", "An excuse to spend the review slagging off golf simulators!" And it was then I came across a teensy-weensy little problem - I just can't find anything wrong with it... Aaarrgh!

Not that this one's vastly different from the other three trillion golfy games available course - it's just a case of wacking a ball about from top view into the hole with the appropriate club and the appropriate power. But what it does it does well. It's just so bloody annoying. What can I do? I mean, I can't say that I like it - just think what that would do for my image! Hmmph.

Overall: 75%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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