Glug Glug

by Steve Evans, Phil Gascoine
Sinclair User Issue 27, Jun 1984   page(s) 7

Memory: 48K
Price: £5.95
Joystick: Kempston or Protek

Don your diving suit, load your spear gun and prepare to do battle with the monsters of the deep. While you are down there, get rich quick by bringing up the treasure lying on the ocean floor. That is the basic story-line of Glug Glug, an arcade game by CRL for the 48K Spectrum.

Using the keyboard, Kempston or Protek joystick, the diver figure must be dropped to the sea bed as quickly as possible to pick up various items of plunder. The skill is in avoiding the animal life below the surface - piranhas, sharks, giant squid, jellyfish and the like, all of which are looking for a fast meal. If you are not fast enough with the gun and winch then it is Davey Jones' locker for you.

Instructions are laid out clearly on the insert and the graphic display is smooth and fast. The sound is suitably watery and when you are caught by the fish the diver vanishes with the requisite glug-glug. There are 32 skill levels according to the cassette insert. After level seven things hot up considerably and you will be lucky to get the whole way through.

Gilbert Factor: 6/10

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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