by Scorpion: Frantisek Fuka, Patrik Rak, Milan Matousek
Proxima Software
Sinclair User Issue 107, January 1991   page(s) 59

If you want a selection of completely different games, rather than a collection on a particular theme, Mastermix is the one for you.

Containing exclusively Sega coin-op conversions from US Gold, MASTERMIX means you couldn't ask for more variety. SUPER WONDER BOY is a platforms-and-ladders cutesy effort in the classic Mario Brothers mould. TURBO OUTRUN, as found in Domark's Wheels of Fire compilation, is a top-class racing game; and DYNAMITE DUX is a bizarre mix of cutesy animation and rocket-launchers, as the happy woodland characters blast hell out of each other in a multi-directional-scrolling shoot-'em-up. As if that weren't enough, there's THUNDERBLADE. the forwardsscrolling helicopter blast-'em-up which does a pretty good job of converting the amazing graphics of the original; and CRACKDOWN, a two-player simultaneous top-down 3-D maze shoot-'em-up drug-busting arcade effort! Variety, quality, economy and several other things ending with -y; Mastermix has to be the best choice compilation for this Christmas.

Title: Sega Mastermix
Label: US Gold
Price: £15.99

Overall: 93%

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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