Rocky Horror Show, The

by Jeff Lee, Paul Andrew Stoddart, Jay Derrett, Clever Music, Ian Ellery
Sinclair User Issue 41, August 1985   page(s) 28

LET'S DO the Time Warp again and enter the mansion of Dr Frank 'n' Furter.

So here's the plot. Your beloved Janet, or Brad - depending on whether you're male, female, or just don't care - has been pushed into the Medusa machine, the evil doctor's ready-made cement mixer. Your job is to find the 15 missing pieces of the De-Medusa machine.

The bits are scattered in a few rooms around the two storey mansion and you can pick only one at a time. You then carry it onto the stage and fit it into the machine's flashing frame. The rooms contain laser beams, yin and yang symbols, magic mushrooms and hypodermic syringes, so be careful. You will also have weird characters with which to contend.

There's Riff Raff, the manic depressive butler who serves electrifying experiences. Magenta will take off all your clothes. Is that the ultimate computer experience or a cheap thrill?

The other characters include a groupie, Columbia; Rocky Horror, a Furter creation who appears in odd places; and biker Eddie, whose bag is deep freezes.

Some characters will kill you immediately while others have comments to make about life and death.

The animation has not been handled as well as it could have been. If several characters are moving on-screen the action is slowed down.

If you enjoyed the film and want to play a better than average take-off then CRL will be in your favour. I found it weirdly addictive.

John Gilbert

Publisher: CRL
Price: £8.95
Memory: 48K
Joystick: Kempston, Protek, Sinclair


Overall: 3/5

Transcript by Chris Bourne

Sinclair User Issue 49, April 1986   page(s) 60,61

THE TIME WARP sounds rather out-dated now, and the game doesn't look so hot either.

Probably the only reason why CRL has bothered relaunching this 128 edition is so that it can add the sound from the Commodore 64 version. In practically all other respects nothing has changed.

The film, of course, was something of a cult hit, with cinema audiences going ape - speaking the lines in unison, and throwing toast and confetti at the screen. Reduced to the confines of a Spectrum, even with 128K, what you get is a bunch of bizarre characters mouthing mumbo-jumbo - "That's not the candlestick you're holding" - which has minimal significance even if you've seen the movie.

The game is actually very simple. You are Brad - or Janet - and you must find the 15 pieces of the dismantled De-Medusa machine which are scattered around evil Dr Frank 'n' Furter's castle. The De-Medusa must be remantled if you are to save your beloved Janet - or Brad - from being turned into stone. Time ticks away as the castle, a disguised spaceship, counts down to lift-off.

The doctor's abode is populated by weirdos: Riff-Raff the butler, with his raygun; Magenta, his sister; Columbia the groupie: and Eddie, the rocking biker from the deep freeze. There's also Rocky Horror, a 'creation'.

Provided you take care not to step in front of Eddie or Riff-Raff, or walk into the sparks in the gym, then the game boils down to a fairly routine matter of picking up keys and bits of the machine, unlocking doors and engaging in meaningless one-sided communication with the various loonies. It's not even mildly enlivened by losing all your clothes when you encounter Magenta.

This version has an added title sequence with four dancers doing the pelvic thrust to the strains of Let's do the Time Warp Again. The same tune plays continuously throughout the game, accompanied by the odd squeak or two, until you turn the sound down on the TV in exasperation.

Good graphics, reasonable animation, tiresome music and monotonous gameplay; we gave it three stars when it appeared last summer, and there's little reason to change that rating. Strictly for the freaks.

Bill Scolding

Publisher: CRL
Memory: 128K
Price: £9.95
Joystick: Kempston. Protek, Sinclair


Overall: 3/5

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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