View to a Kill - The Computer Game, A

by Tigress Marketing Ltd (David Bishop, Chris Palmer), Softstone Ltd: Tony Knight, Daryl Bowers, Gary Burfield-Wallis, Grant Harrison, Gary Knight, Argentino Trombin, Nichola Blades, Robert Ritson, Tony Crowther, David Aubrey-Jones
Domark Ltd
Sinclair User Issue 40, July 1985   page(s) 20

SILICON Valley is in danger of obliteration and 007 is sent to fulfil another improbable mission in Domark's A View to a Kill.

In order to destroy the chip industry, Max Zorin, mad genius, has planted a massive bomb in some disused mines beneath Silicon Valley. When it detonates, the San Andreas Fault will open up and tip the lot into the Pacific. Why not do something simple like poison the water?

There are three games, each played in different locations and linked by code numbers.

You stan in Paris, just as you are about to be told the key to Zorin's plan, Mayday - played by Grace Jones in the film - takes a pot shot and kills your informant. A mad car chase follows. Mayday jumps from the Eiffel Tower and descends by parachute. You jump into a taxi and chase through the city to capture her.

The screen is split horizontally. The upper half is the 3D perspective view as seen through the windscreen and the lower half is an aerial view depicting road blocks, police cars and the drifting parachutist.

Having captured Mayday, you load up in San Francisco for the next section set in the burning City Hall. Stacey, the obligatory blonde, is trapped in a lift and must be rescued. This section is an icon driven arcade adventure and is surprisingly easy to use.

A clue to Stacey's rescue can be found in the film, which is closely followed. There are around 75 rooms in the building, many holding objects vital for her rescue - a picture of the burning Hall is included showing your position in relation to the fire. The graphics depicted in this review were taken from a pre-production copy of the game.

The final game places you deep within the mines. Mayday returns in this scene, though you may have to find her first. Only she can winch you down to the ticking bomb and winch you back with the detonator.

Objects litter the mine and can be used in the same manner as those in City Hall. The grappling hook is the first you will stumble across and is vital. Conveyor belts may be activated - but tread carefully.

You can play along to the original Bond theme tune, to Duran Duran's single of the same name or switch off for blessed quiet and a chance to hear Bond introduce himself: "My name is Bond, James Bond".

Clare Edgeley

Publisher: Domark
Price: £10.99
Memory: 48K
Joystick: Sinclair Kempston, Cursor


Overall: 4/5

Transcript by Chris Bourne

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