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important links:
All recent games in one place.
The biggest archive about ZX Spectrum across the world.
The biggest database of pokes, tips and solutions.
RZXs - complete game walktroughs.
Maps put together from screenshots.
Czech and Slovank speccy games.


At the beginning

From the web site title should be obvious that you can find here (all bits of) information related to games created for this 8-bit computer. Nevertheless, covering each single game ever made would require lot of time as there exist more than 15.000 titles and new ones still emerge! Especially Russian scene has been very active recently, however unfortunately, all games produced in that country use the Russian alphabet which makes them unplayable for those who never studied Russian (I personally attended it just for one year at the elementary school and honestly I don't remember much of it).


Anyway, I'm going to cover here classic and most successful games foremost. In other words, I prefer quality before quantity. However besides these successful titles, also some less known games that impressed me during my youth will appear here as well. By the way at those times, I used to possess a "Didaktik M" computer, a Slovakian ZX Spectrum clone, fully compatible with the British original, however with an improved keyboard.


Well and finally, there are two more reasons why these sites actually exist. First, most of the other world webs usually follow the rigid approach of "the more the better" without any closer description, tips, maps, pokes, or even walkthroughs for a particular game. Games on these pages do have these features! And second, there are no similar sites on this topic in Czech. That's why these pages exist!


What can you find here

There are the games at first place of course, they are by a foundation stone of the site. But let's go to take step by step. The main menu is divided into the five sections, namely from left to right it's Introduction, Currently, Categories, Other and Links. The Introduction section you read right now, in Currently you will find all news on the web. The Categories section involves the most items, you can see their listing below. Hardly classifiable things are logically contained in the Other section. And finally in Links you can visit pages with a similar topic.



The Currently section contains:

News - here you can find all news on the web

Discussion Forum - don't be shy to say your opinion

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Bug Reporting - broken links, typing errors and so on

RSS - RSS 2.0 feed


The Other section contains:

Polls - let's go to vote

Articles - articles about several topics

Comments - list of all comments

Quiz - recognize pictures from your favourite game

Online - you can play speccy games right in a browser

Records - achieved records in playing games

Statistics - some numbers and graphs

My own work - my own programs and games

Search - searching with setting of various parameters


The Categories section contains:

Emulators - you can't play without them

Companies - authors of all games

Games - I don't know what to say

K-Mouse Titles - mouse for your speccy

Maps - you can't get lost with them

Walkthroughs - you'll finish every game with them

Pictures - picture gallery

Pokes - infinite lives and other cheats

Remakes - new versions of speccy games

RZX Videos - complete game walkthroughs

Utilities - several useful programs

BASIC Miracles - programs and games in BASIC


Technical info

These sites are optimized for resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, and tested in all modern web browsers, more particularly in IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. I know there are many more of them but it ain't in my scope to testify. Anyway, should you encounter a display issue in your favourite browser, don't hesitate to contact me and I'll amend as soon as possible. More specifically, these sites require the following features enabled: JavaScript, Cascade Style Sheets, and HTML 4.01. Some of the sections mentioned above still are available only in Czech (sorry about that, English version to be supplied soon).


English translation

English translation by Tomas Nestorovic.



In case of any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to write me at pavero(a)seznam.cz.


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